We help organizations to cost-efficiently utilize information technology in achieving their business objectives by developing, managing, implementing, deploying and administrating their IT systems and procedures on/off site. With our two sister companies we can facilitate a full spectrum of your IT support needs. From ‘value for money’ quality software development and life-cycle management & support, through individual and bulk placements of IT professionals, till team/program OPS consolidation and legacy systems management and outsourcing. All tailor-made to your situation, strategy, budget and business needs. Innovation and original approach are our trade marks, as well as reliability and quality of our products and services. Our international network of partner companies and freelance specialists give us strategic depth and serve as an abundant pool of support, knowledge and expertise. By doing business with us you can directly tap into rich wells of our fresh sources and surprising new possibilities previously insufficiently available on the local market. A new time needs new ways, new methods and new people, and we are designed and built to confidently face those challenges as your youngest and most innovative partner.


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