They say that the best IT employees are those with passion, those who are always prepared to ‘go that extra mile’. Well, how about several thousands of extra miles? How about moving to the other side of the globe, switching the continents? How about competing with the local workforce on their own ground, on their own terms, and still delivering that what it takes to be acknowledged as an ‘Ace of IT’. For us, those are the true heroes of the nowadays IT battleground. So yes, by all means, we recognize your effort, we recognize your true value and we want you to feel happy at home in our company. Economies worldwide depend on you, empty desks and offices throughout the EU are calling your name. Projects are standing still, whole programs are being canceled, economic growth is in danger…. Help us to keep the world running, join our ranks! You are most welcome, needed and appreciated. Plus we take a really good care of our own. And of course there are so many other companies who will fight tooth and nail for your participation in their business model, but in our company you are not just another foreigner, in our company – YOU ARE THE COMPANY.


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