In some ways we are a company like no other. A company where CEO is one of the guys, working shoulder to shoulder together with you at the clients’ site, making same long extra hours, being on call, managing the systems and applications, drinking a lot of coffee to stay in focus, enduring prio1’s and escalations, deploying new releases while burning the midnight oil, sharing all the good and less good aspects of being an IT professional, together… with you. Not “leading” from behind, but being in the mud of the trenches together with you. And then there are questions of the type: boss and a colleague at the same time, how’s that like? Well, I never intended to be a boss, my ambition was always to be a leader instead. To fight together for our common goals, to lead by example and be the first among the equals. I choose to be frequently on the first lines, amongst you, where all the true action is and we make a real difference. I have a great support team and their effort gives me the space and time to practice what I preach, leadership instead of micromanagement.


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