Picture this… You have been working for many years now as an internal at one of the largest, most respected and prominent IT organizations. You are proud of what you do, you feel good in your place, you are loyal and hardworking employee. Your future is secured, you are safe within the walls of this “golden cage”, well inside your comfort zone. And then suddenly… BAM! One day you find out that you have been listed as a redundant staff for the next round of huge reorganization. All walls collapse around you,  bye-bye comfort zone… End of good life as you knew it for so long, end of your career, end of your self-confidence and self-respect. End of an era. When you recover from initial shock, you take a good look around, what do you see? There are several vacancies, some even close to your current profile, you could easily fit in, or so you think. Once you make it to the interview they tell you that your skills and experience are narrowly limited, that you have stayed way to long at one place. Basically, you are a part of the legacy, almost but not quite redundant. And the most painful thing is, they are pretty much right. They do see some possibilities if you are willing to work for less than you used to before, based on a temporary contract. And it is not really like you have a choice, it is that or freelancing but that was never really your cup of thee. Your network is limited to your ex-colleagues, just a few potential prospects, but even if you would make that step how are you going to make it on your own. No reserves, no usable network, no way…  What do you do? You pool yourself together, you update your CV, you put your sexy confident smile on your face and… you call us. We will look for possibilities, dig really deep… and when we find a position for you, you will be fairly rewarded, same as or better than you had before. And if you really put an effort to make a transformation from internal to a professional, we will offer you a permanent position. Of course, all this is just a hypothetical scenario, nothing to worry about. For the record, any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is…. quite intentional. So before you end up going through the less enjoyable part of this story for really no good reason, you can preemptively submit your CV to us. Real life begins outside of your usual comfort zone, you’re gonna love it.


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